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Hemp offers the return of a highly useful crop that can help improve the world as well as the economics of farming. Consistent profitability for the farming community requires sustainability within this reemerging industry and the infrastructure in which to operate. Learning and understanding how we can best produce a crop that makes it to market is key. Greenhouse Growing Systemâ„¢ provides quality inputs for growing, backed by testing services, to help growers and farmers plant hemp.

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We offer some of the best indoor grow systems in the world and would like to help you get the best yield out of your plants.  We have partnered with best companies to provide you with full turn key grow kits and systems all designed for the space you have available.

A Grow Room Makes Indoor Gardening a Practical Alternative

You don't need to have a garden or vacant land if you want to grow plants. You can set up a grow room inside your house. Even apartment dwellers can make use of this innovation.

The first step you need to take is to find the space in your home, indoors, where you can set up a grow room. This can be as small as 2'x 4' and can be under the stairs or even be in a closet or any place where you can control light and ventilation. You can even convert a spare bedroom completely into a grow room. The size of your grow room must allow you to grow the plants that you want. Even a basement, attic, or garage will serve. The room or area that you decide on must have access to electricity and water. You should also be able to drain out any water that falls on the floors. You can even increase the number of plants you grow in your grow room by having them in two tiers, for which you would require to have the proper supporting structures. Height can be a consideration here.

Now that you have decided on the room and its size, you will need to prepare its walls, floor, ceiling with reflective material that will allow the plants to capture the light they need for their growth. Plants require a constant supply of fresh air, and you need to install fans that can bring in fresh air and also fans that will circulate the air in the room. A combination of extractor fans and fans that bring in fresh air will work best, though the use of just extractor fans and fresh air vents in the walls can also serve. It can also help if you put in gadgets that can control humidity and temperature so that your plants have the ideal growing conditions that suit them. Fans that bring in air must be less powerful than those that extract the air. A difference of 15 to 20 percent is ideal for a grow room. Position these fans at opposite corners of the room so that it creates a proper circulation of air.

Lighting is also very important for plant growth, and you can install grow lights that are the most suited to the plants you intend to grow. Install the proper light holders and hanging system that will give the optimum amount of light to all the plants. A typical grow light will have ballast for control of energy, the lamp that provides the light, and the reflector that guides the light down to the plants. A main grow light with supplemental lighting serves best. It may also be important to blackout any windows that bring in natural light, as if there are two sources of light, it can be confusing for the plant. Installing grow lights give you complete control over the light and help to create a constant environment that will benefit the plants. LED grow lights are the most economical grow lights, though you can also use fluorescent light, metal halide lights that are good for vegetative growth, or sodium lights that help flowering. It is customary to switch off grow lights during the day and switch them on at night if you can arrange for the daylight coming into your grow room to be diffused.

Water is also important to a growing room, and you need a proper and constant supply of it. You will also have to make sure that your floor is properly sloped to allow excess water to flow to one side, where it collects in a sump or drains that have an outlet to your house drains. Your floor must be easy to clean, and that is why it must have a smooth surface. Wood floors or carpeted floors are definitely not recommended, as they can absorb water and lead to damp conditions that can allow bacteria and fungus to grow. Watering can be carried out in various ways, and if it requires the installation of any special piping, as in the case of drip irrigation, you will have to provide for this. Watering plants with flexible hose adapters is the most suitable, as it allows you to reach around plants without touching them.

Plants can be grown in soil or in water hydroponically. Not all plants grow well in water, so decide the plants you want to grow before you decide on the method of growing them. In either case, you will have to get the right containers that suit your growing method. If you plan to grow plants in two tiers, you will need supporting racks or hooks that will allow you to do this. Once you have decided your method of growing, bring in the containers and install them in your room, making sure that you have enough space to move around and care for the plants.

Now that you have set up your grow room, check on the position of lights, their recommended distance from the plants, the air circulation in your grow room and the temperature and humidity that has been suggested for the plants. If all this is satisfactory, you can then start propagating the plants from cuttings or seedlings. Your local nursery is the best guide for this. If you are planting in two tiers, starting with the upper-tier first. Constantly monitor the environment when your plants are growing so that you can easily make the needed adjustments for air, ventilation, and light.

If you do not want to make your own grow room, you can always opt to bring in grow tents that have considered all these variables in their manufacture. These grow tents are fabric lined, come equipped with lights and ventilation, and heat-reflective material. You can grow all kinds of plants in them, both in soil and hydroponically. It gives you absolute control over the growing environment and can come in sizes that can be from a small 2'x 4' or a size 10'x 10' that can hold a lot of plants.

The fastest and over cheapest method to set up your own grow room is to buy a complete grow tent kit. Buying a grow tent kit that is pre-designed will help you grow the best possible plants you can. You will have a professional grow room in a box! Most kits will include not only the tent but the proper led grow light for the tent as well as proper fans, hangers, nutrients, carbon filters, and timers. These kits really take the guesswork out of setting up the perfect grow system.


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