Announcing the Greenhouse Growing System 2017 High-CBD Feminized Clone Program

While most were trying to stay warm after mother nature decided to gift Colorado with an abundance of snow, Greenhouse Growing System(GGS) and the Hemp Division at the Colorado Department of Agriculture were at the CDA offices meeting to discuss the year-end review and the promising 2017 season.

The meeting gave Greenhouse Growing System insight into rule changes regarding reporting and clarification into what due diligence a registrant can do to protect themselves and their operation, but more importantly contribute to this budding industry. We would like to thank the CDA for their time and for the information we gathered.

As many have heard, the Colorado Department of Agriculture has developed a certified seed program that has approved three cultivars.  Due to the challenges associated with breeding and developing the seed, we were told they would not be available until the 2018 growing season. Of the three selections for certified seed, two are for hemp fiber production and the other for grain production. We are excited to see the CDA taking steps into certifying seed and securing quality input material for growers. However, the certified seed program does not have any certified seed for high CBD flower production.

This means for the 2017 season there is no guarantee that the seed you buy is true to type. In fact, over 1,200 acres of hemp tested by the CDA exceed the 0.3% THC threshold.  Additionally, there is no guarantee that the seed will be female, have the phenotypical traits that you were sold on, or remain below the 0.3% THC threshold for industrial hemp production.  

With this knowledge in mind, it is with great pleasure to announce Greenhouse Growing System’s plans for our 2017 High-CBD Feminized Clone Program. GGS has been fortunate enough to acquire a new facility with triple the indoor growing capacity compared to our old facility. With this move, GGS is making available for sale 400,000 high-CBD femininized clones. These clones will be available in a maximum of 25,000 units per delivery week, so it is advised you reserve your needs before your preferred delivery weeks are sold out.  These clones can be bought early and grown in an indoor or greenhouse growing structure, or they can be purchased in the spring for planting directly into your cultivation field for outdoor production.

Greenhouse Growing System is pleased to bring four distinct phenotypes as offerings in our High-CBD Feminized Clone Program. These four phenotypes have been rigorously trialed, tested, and put into full production for both indoor and outdoor growing. It is our goal to give customers an opportunity to choose their phenotype(s) based on specific traits we have observed in our own experiences growing them. GGS also has supporting documentation of cannabinoid potency analysis for each phenotype offered from our in-house HPLC instrument. Based on all these factors, Greenhouse Growing System is prepared to provide the highest quality high-CBD feminized clones in the marketplace.

There are many hemp events in January that Greenhouse Growing System will be attending. Please join us at these events to learn more about the ever-evolving industry we are all taking a part in growing, and to stop by to talk to a Greenhouse Growing System representative about our High-CBD Feminized Clone Program.

“Compassion is growing…”

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