2016 Clone Sales – A Year In Review

2016 was a whirlwind of year for Greenhouse Growing System in terms of growth and the development of our clone program. Through rigorous trial and error, we were able to determine the best methods of cutting, sticking, and developing a root system for our clones in Ellepot trays.

This past season we produced 100,000 rooted clones for our customers and our own 7-acre field. With this knowledge, we are moving into a much larger facility for 2017 and plan to produce 400,000 clones for our customers throughout the country.

After reading through the CDA’s Industrial Hemp End of Year Review for 2016, it is clear why so many farmers are interested in female clones for CBD production. 

Of the total acreage sampled by the CDA, there were 1,232 acres that tested above .3% THC and had to be destroyed. That represents 25% of the sampled fields with 78% of them containing one of these three breeds: Colorado Gold, Rocky Hemp, and US Landrace. Each one of these is utilized in seed and fiber production, not for CBD oil. 

For 2017 we are offering customers a choice of 3 different phenotypes of the Otto II variety, and our own Cherry x Otto II cross that we have been developing for two growing seasons. Each of these offerings will allow you to better tailor the clone traits that you desire within your growing environment. That combined with our free lab testing on purchases of 500 clones or more*, the choice is simple in deciding what you want to grow while being in complete compliance with the law.

Please visit http://greenhousegrowingsystem.com/plants-seed/ to find out about the varieties we are offering and download our sales order form. We are taking orders now with a 1/3 deposit to secure your place in line and decide what date(s) you wish to pick up your clones.

For any and all clone questions and purchases, please contact:

Young Plant Sales

Laboratory Director
(303) 659-8863

*Free potency testing services are included with every purchase of greater than or equal to 500 rooted units. Number of tests is limited to 1% of units purchased, with a maximum of 20 tests. Tests must be used within 6 months from date of purchase and only on the flower material produced from plants purchased. Customer is responsible for delivering samples to our lab.