Going Above and Beyond!

Have you ever heard of lab testing services included with the purchase of industrial hemp clones? Well, that is exactly what Greenhouse Growing System provides for all its hemp clone customers. Yes, that’s right!  GGS is offering free potency testing services with every purchase of greater than or equal to 500 rooted units.*

Why? Greenhouse Growing System wants to support our growers from clone to harvest and beyond! Success is not just a goal of ours, but a goal we want to help our customers achieve too.  We know that not every grower has easy access to lab services. Then, even if you can find a lab that accepts hemp samples, you might have to spend $250 just to register with Metrc Colorado just to be able to submit samples. Then, there is the cost of the analysis on top. Yikes! That can get expensive fast.

With our potency tests included with your purchase, you will receive potency analysis for the seven most common cannabinoids including THC and CBD.

This will help you keep an eye on THC levels in each unique individual environment, ensuring the crop stays under the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s 0.3% THC limit. The lab analysis will also help growers pinpoint the best harvest date for maximum CBD content.

We also offer leaf, flower, extract, and infused product potency analysis at our in-house GGS Laboratory year-round. For more information about lab testing please contact:

Laboratory Director
(303) 659-8863

Young Plant Sales