It is now the middle of February and many hemp farmers have begun the search for the genetics they will plant in 2017. Many farmers are deciding on whether they would like to purchase hemp seed for fiber and grain production, or purchase cultivars for CBD hemp production.

If you are interested in pursuing industrial hemp CBD production, there are two inputs that you could opt for: seed or feminized clone.

Both seed and feminized clones have their advantages and disadvantages, but it is the belief of Greenhouse Growing System LLC that feminized hemp CBD clones are the best option for a farmer looking for consistent female CBD flower production.

Planting a seed lot can be less expensive in the beginning of the crop; however, there are many variables in seed planting that could cost you more in the end; maybe even your whole crop!

One of the variables associated with seed is the sex of the plant that comes from that seed. Often, a seed lot is littered with male hemp plants. Even if the seed is labeled as feminized seed, there is a large chance that there will still be males in the feminized seed lot.

What does this variable mean to the farmer that purchases and plants this seed lot?

As your hemp plants begin to mature and flower, the males in the seed lot release pollen and will potentially pollinate the female hemp plants in the field. It only takes a handful of males spattered across a field to pollinate the entire crop. If the female plants are pollinated, they will produce both flower and seed. Although flower production will continue with the production of seeds, the flower set will be less than desirable as much of the plant’s energy is spent on making viable seed. In addition to a lack-luster flower set, the overall CBD concentration within the plant will be reduced.

Aside from the potential of a seeded crop, there is also a great potential for certain seeds from the lot to produce more THC than desired. Because the seed is a mix of genetics from each parent, the seed you plant may not be true to type or express itself the same way the mother and father of the seed expressed themselves. The purchased seeds will most likely be the same cultivar but may have a completely different phenotypical expression of genetics, leaving the farmer with a variety of flower sets, and concentrations of cannabinoids within those flower sets. For instance, even if the same seed was planted throughout the field, some plants may look and grow completely different than others in the field. This can leave the farmer with variables that might affect farming technique and or areas of undesirable cannabinoid profiles, including too high of a THC content.

The above issues that are associated with planting a field with seed have led Greenhouse Growing System LLC to recommend buying feminized CBD hemp clones.

Feminized clones with the same phenotype will all express themselves the same in your environment and throughout your field. Feminized clones will also eliminate the chance that your crop pollinates itself, as all the field will be planted with female plants only. Feminized clones cost more upfront, but take away many unnecessary worries associated with planting seed.

Greenhouse Growing System LLC strives to produce the highest quality industrial hemp CBD clones in the market and would be happy to answer all questions surrounding CBD production and our offering of feminized CBD hemp clones.

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