The 2017 outdoor hemp growing season is approaching rapidly!

Like many others, it seems like we just finished processing all our 2016 field material and planning for 2017 outdoor production! If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!

If one is planning to plant hemp for outdoor cultivation in 2017, Greenhouse Growing System (GGS) suggests some key inputs and variables at your cultivation site to avoid potential roadblocks your 2017 season. At GGS, we recommend analyzing the most important for cultivation first. Below are two recommended items to begin analyzing: 

Irrigation Source and Water Quality:

Although hemp is hardy, it needs adequate high-quality water to thrive. First, determine your cultivation acreage and plant count.

With the above information, find a source of high-quality water that can support your production acreage/plant count and plan on having 20% more water than what you calculated. This protects you if your demand was underestimated or if other unforeseen water source issues arise.

A qualitative analysis of the irrigation water is an important factor in determining if the water source is suited for hemp production. Testing like this can be performed by certain labs across the state. However, through personal experience, GGS recommends Colorado Analytical Laboratories Inc. located in Brighton, CO. They have a wide range of tests and analysis available, allowing you to delve as deep as you wish into your water quality.

Soil Analysis:

An analysis of your soil (pH, electrical conductivity(EC), heavy metals, and specific ion nutrient levels) is important to understand as early as possible.

GGS recommends sampling soil at a depth of 4” to 12” below the soil surface in multiple places within the cultivation area to get a quality composite soil sample for analysis. Colorado Analytical Laboratories has the capability to test your soil with many different levels of analysis. Once you understand your soil profile you can begin to make decisions on whether your site’s soil needs to be amended prior to planting an what type of fertilizer will work best with your unique soil makeup.

Starting your 2017 season by analyzing your soil and water quality will allow you to plan the other items necessary for cultivation with an educated view on your cultivation site and its limitations. Knowledge is power, and understanding your irrigation source and soil quality will give you a great deal of power to make the best decisions possible for your 2017 hemp cultivation.

For any and all clone questions and purchases, please contact:

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*Free potency testing services are included with every purchase of greater than or equal to 500 rooted units. Number of tests is limited to 1% of units purchased, with a maximum of 20 tests. Tests must be used within 6 months from date of purchase and only on the flower material produced from plants purchased. Customer is responsible for delivering samples to our lab.