Female Clones

Greenhouse Growing System™ is committed to providing the highest quality industrial hemp plants.  Our feminized hemp clones are organically grown in greenhouses and bred for low THC, High CBD / Cannabidiol production.

The 2020 clone season is upon us!
Place your deposit to reserve plants in your delivery week now.


Due to overwhelming demand this year we are almost sold out for the season. Please place your orders soon!

Orders will be taken in a first come first serve basis. We are on track to produce 2M+ clones which can be cut at a rate of 150,000 per week during peak weeks,
(cut weeks 15-22).

Orders will receive scheduling priority based upon the date the deposit is received.

Ellepots price per unit, comes in 70 count tray

10 – 2,500 = $5.99 each
2,501 – 10,000 = $4.49 each
10,001 – 25,000 = $3.99 each
25,001 – 100,000 = $3.49 each
100,001 + = $2.99 each

4`` potted clones, price per unit

1 – 100 = $12.99 each
101 – 500 = $9.49 each
501 – 2,500 = $7.99 each
2,500 – 10,000 = $6.49 each
10,001 + = $4.99 each


Free potency testing services are included with every purchase of greater than or equal to 500 rooted units. Number of tests is limited to 1% of units purchased, with a maximum of 20 tests. Tests must be used within 6 months from date of purchase and only on the flower material produced from plants purchased. Customer is responsible for delivering samples to our lab.


The Sweetened phenotype selected by GGS is unique in a few ways. It is a cross between a Cherry (Indica) and Otto II (Sativa), resulting in a blending of characteristics from both genetics. The expression of this phenotype is unique in that it is a vigorous growing plant with short internodes, resulting in a fast growing stocky plant. Another unique component is the terpene profile, the flower at maturity is sweetly aromatic. This phenotype has also shown increased resistance to powdery mildew and frost hardiness. Sweetened is our most popular variety with farmers, it can be grown in multiple growing conditions, from high alpine environments to hot deserts and everything in between.

Average CBD-A: 10% – 14%     Average THC: 0.29%
Ratio CBD/THC: 33:1
Maturity Week: 7-8
Average Dry Yield: 2.5 lbs


NEW for 2019. This popular variety has been on the market for two years and is now being offered at Greenhouse Growing System for the first time. Phenotypically the wife is a Sativa leaning plant with Indica dominant leaf structures. It grows a thick stock with smaller lateral branches with mid to heavy yielding flower.

Average CBD-A: 10% – 16%     Average THC: 0.29%
Ratio CBD/THC: 35:1
Maturity Week: 7 to 8
Average Dry Yield: 1.5 lbs
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